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Daniel and Heidi Washam started d’s Wicked Cider Co. set on a mission.  Already owners of Sun River Vintners, Heidi had tasted a small batch apple beer on tap in Seattle and loved it...thus began the endless search to find it again.  In fruitless frustration, Daniel began brewing his own and after mulitple test batches, hit on just the right off-dry, wicked good cider.  They called it Baked Apple for the subtle layers of spice and flavor.  Sharing with friends, family and local pubs, the demand skyrocketed and d’s Wicked Cider Co. was born.

d’s Wicked Ciders are hand crafted,  naturally fermented, gluten-free premium hard apple ciders. We use only the finest fresh pressed and cold pressed juice (not from concentrate) made from Washington State apples.  


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