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Photo by Andy Perdue
Photo by Andy Perdue

Washam, Daniel

Daniel Washam, has always enjoyed experimenting with the world of beverages. In 2010, Daniel, his father Glenn Washam and wife, Heidi Washam collaborated in the creation of Sun River Vintners, where they have fashioned a premier brand of distinguished wines. 

As most great things do, d’s Wicked Cider was born out of a labor of love. While on a trip to Seattle, Heidi enjoyed a cider they was unable to find again. Inspired, Daniel began experimenting with blends of apples and spices, and soon Heidi and Daniel were enjoying “d’s Wicked cider”. Until others got their tastebuds on this cider, Daniel and Heidi hadn’t thought of selling it commercially, but that changed quickly with the marketing skills of the Sun River Vintners’ team and local demand.

This story is a great example of d’s hardworking, bold, creative and passionate team, who believe that hard work, high quality and passion can make anything happen...especially Wicked Good Cider. 

Washam, Heidi

Heidi Washam has built her career and spent many years in the financial industry. While working at Sun River Electric, Heidi, her husband Daniel, and Glenn Washam, started Quality Sign Services, the only certified provider of electrical signage in the area, where Heidi is Director of Operations. Taking on another venture in 2010 they started Sun River Vintners, which has become renowned for their high end wines and varietals. 

In 2012, Heidi’s love for cider inadvertently became the motivator for starting d’s Wicked Cider, which is now growing as fast as they can produce. Today Heidi, along with operating Quality Sign Service, is CFO of d’s Wicked Cider and Sun River Vintners.

This entrepreneurial couple live with their 2 children in Kennewick, Washington, continuing to enjoy a life filled with passion for what they do.

Dykes, Kat

Kathleen “Kat” Dykes, has been in the Sales and Marketing end of the wine industry for nearly twenty years.  Coming from a radio and television background, after developing several wine events throughout the area, she finally decided to dive full throttle into the wine pool.  

After managing several tasting rooms, she went on to purchasing agent for a large grocery store chain to working with an independent distributor, she subsequently started her own distribution company.  Kat was approached by Daniel and Heidi about getting their wine into the retail market and for the next 2 years it was just that till Daniel’s experiment with making Hard Cider took flight and now it’s the d’s Wicked Cider Show co-starring Sun River Vintners